CHI Moves ANI to North Little Rock Campus

To meet the growing needs of its patients, CHI St. Vincent in Little Rock is moving Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI) to its North Little Rock campus.  “There we will create a medical destination and continue to lead the field of neuroscience,” said hospital representatives. 

The North facility will be renovated to accommodate ANI’s growth and expertise.  Adjacent to the renovated patient care facility will be built a state-of-the-art education and research center where a new generation of surgeons will continue to travel to learn the skills necessary to tackle the most complex cases and positively impact survival rates for patients with neurological disorders.  

Chad Aduddell, CEO, CHI St. Vincent, said, “Creating a destination Neuroscience Institute at our north campus  in Central Arkansas allows us to better serve a full spectrum of neurological disorders and treat the growing number of patients ANI serves from all 75 counties in Arkansas, 37 states and other countries around the world.”

Currently ANI offers a full range of comprehensive neurosurgical services which incorporates a large spectrum of neurological disorders, including primary and metastatic tumors of the brain, spine, and nerves; skull base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, and spine and spinal cord surgery.  ANI is expanding services to include epilepsy surgery and surgery for movement disorders.

ANI is directed by Dr. Ali Krisht, internationally renowned neurosurgeon who has world-recognized expertise in vascular microsurgery involving the treatment of aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations and acute treatment of stroke.

ANI is comprised of five neurosurgeons, each having a different sub-specialty.  Collectively they perform over 1,000 surgeries per year with nationally recognized clinical outcomes. 

ANI is ranked #1 in Neurosurgery by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Regional Hospital Rankings.

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