Conway Regional Adopts Technology to Reach Out to Patients After Discharge

CipherHealth, a leader in patient experience and engagement, announced a partnership with Conway Regional Medical Center to implement an automated outreach solution for all patients discharged from the hospital.

Conway Regional will use the technology to communicate with patients after they leave the hospital to ensure a successful recovery at home. Nationally, an estimated 20 percent of patients report that they encounter an issue after leaving hospitals, which can often result in an unnecessary readmission or a more serious event.

The technology calls or sends text messages to check in on a patient’s recovery, reinforce their discharge instructions, and resolve any issues they may be experiencing. Clinical staff at the hospital are immediately alerted when a patient has an issue. Staff members then call the patient or caregiver back to answer questions and arrange appropriate care.

“As we continue to look for ways to deliver the best possible care, we realize that we must stay engaged with our patients before, during, and after their visit to our hospital. This will allow our clinical staff to practice at the top end of their license by engaging with those patients that have a true clinical need or issue,” said Alan Finley, chief operating officer at Conway Regional Health System.

“We are honored that Conway Regional has chosen us to enable their patient engagement and experience strategy,” said Alex Hejnosz, co-founder of CipherHealth. “As healthcare shifts to keeping people healthy, providers must find ways to better engage consumers in managing their health between visits and episodes. As with other industries, providers will need to be highly efficient as they take on this new responsibility.”