Mandatory Boil Order Issued for Biscoe/Fredonia

A mandatory boil water order has been issued for the Prairie County community of Biscoe, also known as Fredonia, and also for customers who are south of I-40 in the vicinity of Biscoe/Fredonia, who are served by East Prairie County Water Association. Customers should observe the boil order notice until the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) determines that the water is safe. The water system serving the Biscoe/Fredonia area has experienced what appears to be a construction related cross connection with the sewer system. As ADH continues to verify details, if any additional customers are identified as affected, ADH will provide updates.

The utility has been directed to disconnect the pipes in question, issue a mandatory boil water order to customers, and to commence flushing the water system. It is the understanding of the ADH that the pipes of concern have been disconnected, and that the water operators are in the process of notifying customers. The ADH will continue to assist the water utilities as needed.

Customers should observe the boil water order until bacteriological samples show the water to be safe. Under the "Boil Water Notice," all affected customers are advised that the water is considered unsafe for human consumption, and water used for drinking or food preparation must be boiled briskly for one minute prior to use. All ice cubes should be discarded, and only boiled water used for making ice.

This Notice will be lifted by ADH when two sets of bacteriological samples indicate that the water is free of bacterial contamination, and that an adequate disinfectant level is established throughout the distribution system.

ADH encourages anyone who feels ill to contact their healthcare provider, and let them know they live in one of the affected Prairie County communities.